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Our unique New Forest Junior Golf programme provides young golfers with a structured and rewarding pathway from beginner to elite. The programme is split into four areas: long game, short game, putting and on course conduct. 

A Pathway from Beginner to Elite

How long is the pathway?
Improvement and enjoyment go hand in hand and so, to ensure your child is able to learn at their own pace, there is no set time. It is essential that, first and foremost, golf is fun and putting a junior player under pressure to perform and develop at a speed outside of their comfort zone, risks putting them off the game, as opposed to creating enthusiasm. We would like all juniors coming through the pathway to be the best they can be and we believe that this can only be achieved at their own pace (with a little drive from the PGA Professionals, of course!).

When will the coaching take place?
The pathway sessions will take place during term times, with added instruction during the school holidays. The initial coaching will be delivered at the weekends but midweek sessions may be added at a later date or upon request.

How does the pathway work?
We have 4 levels of achievement. These are:

• Beginner (green)
• Novice (blue)
• Established (red)
• Accomplished (gold) 

Within each level your child will learn about the golfing basics, their development of those skills, and build an understanding of their own golf swing. Once these skills are mastered the aim will be to develop the power game – the most important part of the long game.

Short game skills will also be developed, as well as an understanding of the importance of this part of the game, especially how it can make or break a round of golf.

Finally, all of these new skills and knowledge will be put into action on the course and your child will be taught how to score as they play a round.

At each level your child will be tested with certain challenges and skills tests which they will be required to pass before progressing to the next level.

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